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Get on the largest networks in Canada & USA.
Easily order and activate PhoneBox's SIM Card online in minutes.


Sign up for the latest phone plans for less

Bring your own device to PhoneBox or rent a device from us and enjoy the largest wireless networks in Canada for less. Over 90% of all devices work on our network.

Smartphone Plans

Get the latest smart-phones for less

Get all the latest smart phones at PhoneBox for less. You can buy them outright or get them on our two year contract with our Flex Plan. We also off devices with 1 year contracts.

Latest Smart-Phones

We prevent roaming charges

Roaming charges are the largest extra costs associated with any mobile network. So we have removed roaming off all of our plans.

We can repair your devices

Our Vancouver Location now offers smart-phone, tablet and laptop repairs. We provide a free diagnosis for all devices (Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop) and we know how difficult it can be without your smart-phone so we provide a free loaner phone for you while we repair yours.

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