You can bring your own phone to PhoneBox and use it on one of our networks. If your phone is GSM, CDMA or 3G-ready, it is safe to assume you can bring it and use it in Canada. At PhoneBox we use a GSM and WCDMA network. Some international devices and devices used specifically for only one network may not work with our network. To see if your device will work with our network please come into on of our stores and bring your phone.

Your phone must be unlocked to use our service.

If your devices doesn't work on our network you can rent a phone from us, purchase one outright or purchase one using one of our Smartphone Plans. A lot of our rental phones are free and just require a deposit.

You can bring your Canadian phone number with you when you join phoneBox by following these steps:

  1. Don't cancel your plan with your current provider before talking to us either in-store or toll free at 1-855-886-0505.
  2. After talking to one of our PhoneBox staff please tell your current provider that you want to "Port Out" your number. Sometimes they may charge you a "Port Out Fee" usually $50 + tax.
  3. Then come to one of our locations. To sign up with us you must bring a Valid Government ID (Passport) and a Valid Credit Card.

Please note that it is impossible to transfer your PhoneNumber from one area code to another. You will have to get a new number.

You can change your phone number at any time. Simply contact our Customer Care Team at toll-free: 1-855-886-0505 and request your phone number change. Your first number change is free and every additional number change comes at a cost of $25+ tax.

We highly suggest that you contact your current/previous carrier to unlock your Phone. Generally they will charge you $50 + tax if it is a Canadian Provider. We may be able to unlock your device for you (depending on the device) if unlocking it with your carrier is no longer possible.

If you bought your phone for the full price, we can unlock your phone right away for an extra fee of $50 + tax. If you purchased the device on a 2 year contract, you can unlock your phone 60 days after your activation date for $50 + applicable tax once you have paid the remaining balance.


eSIM is available now !