When you rent a phone from PhoneBox, whether it is a free rental or not you will have to pay a deposit. Prices of rental devices may vary.

You will receive your rental deposit a full billing period after your last months invoice. This is because the invoice your receive immediately after you cancel your account will not have your final months overages. There is a "lag" or "delay" of a Billing Cycle for overages to be calculated. If you have no outstanding balances and have returned all your rented items your deposit will be returned to you. If you have outstanding balances or unreturned rented items you will not receive your deposit until your rented items are returned. If you do not pay your outstanding balances or return your rented items 2-3 months after your account has been canceled or suspended we will take the money out of your deposit or the credit card you provided when you signed up. After this time we will also provide your information to a collections agency either in Canada or your home country to recover the outstanding balance.

We offer a wide range of rental phones for you to choose from. However availability may vary, we suggest contacting us to reserve one for you ahead of time. We are also proud to offer a wide selection of free rental phones.

Damaged or defective devices and rental items provided by us (PhoneBox) will be replaced as long as you are not at fault.

Rental phones do require deposits, which can be made via your credit card or in cash. All rented devices and other rental items are your responsibility and are expected to be returned in the same working condition as they were when you received them. When a device is damaged it is acceptable for you to repair it on your own. If you return a damaged or defective device you will be charged a device replacement fee or a repair fee to fix it. As all devices and repairs are different there is no set cost associated with either repair or replacement.

Lost or stolen devices/rental items are still your responsibility and you will have to pay for their replacement.

Lost or stolen devices/rental items are still your responsibility and you will have to pay for their replacement.

Wireless Plans

If you are not satisfied with the wireless services provided by PhoneBox, you are eligible to cancel your wireless service within 7 days of your activation. PhoneBox is entitled to ask for any overages occurred during this time of the usage. After this 7 day period, your minimum commitment with PhoneBox's wireless service is 1 month. The SIM Card fee if waived at the activation, will be charged and deducted from the refund amount.


PhoneBox policy allows 14 days refund period from the day of purchase.

Electronic items

  • Electronic items need to be inside their original package to be refunded.
  • If you wish to return unpacked electronic items, you shall receive PhoneBox credits, which are usable for our wireless services or any merchandise offered by PhoneBox.

Non-Electronic items

  • Non-electronic items are subjected to refund.
  • Damaged items cannot be refunded.
  • Physically damaged items cannot be refunded; Physical damage includes but not limited to stain, tear, scratches and broken parts.

Lost or Stolen items will not be refunded.


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