Device Repair Services

BYOD Phone

Bring your own smarphone, tablet or laptop to PhoneBox and we will repair it.

Why you should repair your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop at PhoneBox?

  • 1Free diagnosis for all devices and smartphones.
  • 2Free loaner phone provided while we repair yours.
  • 3All repair parts and screens used are always new.
  • 4All repairs come with a 6 moth warranty.*
  • 5Most repairs can be complete within one day.*
  • * Accidental damages are not covered by the warranty.
    * Repair times may vary depending on repair device and if a part has to be ordered.

To get your free diagnosis please come into on of our participating locations.

Current participating locations: Vancouver

SmartPhone Display Screen
Repair CategoriesModelPrice
Display ScreenApple iPhone 7 Plus$169.00
Display ScreenApple iPhone 6S Plus$149.00
Display ScreenApple iPhone 6 Plus$129.00
Display ScreenApple iPhone 7$149.00
Display ScreenApple iPhone 6S$129.00
Display ScreenApple iPhone 6$99.00
Display ScreenApple iPhone SE$99.00
Display ScreenApple iPhone 5s$89.00
Display ScreenApple iPhone 5c$99.00
Display ScreenApple iPhone 5$89.00
Display ScreenApple iPhone 4s$79.00
Display ScreenApple iPhone 4$79.00
Digitizer GlassApple iPhone 3Gs$49.00
Digitizer GlassApple iPhone 3G$49.00
Digitizer GlassApple iPad 3/4$99.00
Digitizer GlassApple iPad 2$99.00
Digitizer GlassApple iPad mini $119.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy S7 $399.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy S6 Plus$449.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge$399.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy S6$349.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy S5$299.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy S4$199.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy S2X(Used)$79.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy Note 5$399.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy Note 4$329.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy Note 3$299.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy Note 2$199.00
Digitizer GlassSamsung Galaxy Grand Prime$99.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy A5 2016$199.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy A5 2015$199.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy A3 2016$199.00
Display ScreenSamsung Galaxy A3 2015$199.00
Display ScreenLG G5$249.00
Display ScreenLG G4$199.00
Display ScreenLG G3$179.00
Display ScreenLG G2$99.00
Display ScreenLG V10$249.00
Display ScreenSony Z Series$199.00
Battery and Charging Port
Repair CategoriesModelPrice
BatteryApple iPhone 6 Plus$89.00
BatteryApple iPhone 6$79.00
BatteryApple iPhone 5s$59.00
BatteryApple iPhone 5c$59.00
BatteryApple iPhone 5$59.00
BatteryApple iPhone 4s$49.00
BatteryApple iPhone 4$49.00
BatteryApple iPhone 3Gs$59.00
BatteryApple iPhone 3G$59.00
BatteryApple iPad 3/4$99.00
BatteryApple iPad 2$99.00
BatterySamsung Galaxy S7 $149.00
BatterySamsung Galaxy S6 Plus$99.00
BatterySamsung Galaxy S6 Edge$99.00
BatterySamsung Galaxy S6$99.00
BatterySamsung Galaxy Note 5$99.00
Charging PortApple iPhone 6 Plus$99.00
Charging PortApple iPhone 6$79.00
Charging PortApple iPhone SE$69.00
Charging PortApple iPhone 5s$69.00
Charging PortApple iPhone 5c$69.00
Charging PortApple iPhone 5$69.00
Charging PortApple iPhone 4s$49.00
Charging PortApple iPhone 4$49.00
Charging PortApple iPhone 3Gs$49.00
Charging PortApple iPhone 3G$49.00
Charging PortApple iPad 3/4$99.00
Charging PortApple iPad 2$79.00
Charging PortApple iPad mini $79.00
Charging PortSamsung Galaxy S4$59.00
Charging PortSamsung Galaxy Note 3$69.00
Charging PortSamsung Galaxy Note 2$49.00
Charging Port (Incd. Microphone)
Repair CategoriesModelPrice
4" iPhone SE, 5s$59.00
4.7" iPhone 6, 6s, 7$69.00
5.5" iPhone Plus$89.00
Front and Back Camera
Repair CategoriesModelPrice
Front CameraiPhone 7 Plus$119.00
Front CameraiPhone 7$89.00
Front CameraiPhone 6s & Older$69.00
Rear CameraiPhone 7 Plus$129.00
Rear CameraiPhone 7 $119.00
Rear CameraiPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus$89.00
Rear CameraiPhone 6 & 6s$69.00
Rear CameraiPhone 5s or older$59.00
Back Cover Glass & Macbook Screens
Repair CategoriesModelPrice
Back Cover GlassSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge$129.00
Back Cover GlassSamsung Galaxy S7 $99.00
Back Cover GlassSamsung Galaxy S6 Plus$99.00
Back Cover GlassSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge$99.00
Back Cover GlassSamsung Galaxy S6$79.00
Back Cover GlassSamsung Galaxy Note 5$79.00
Laptop ScreenMacbook Pro 2012이전 13인치$199.00
Laptop ScreenMacbook Pro 2012이전 15인치$249.00
Other Functions / Button Repair
iPhone 4s or olderiPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SEiPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus
Repair CategoriesModelPrice