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Moving2Canada is proud to recommend PhoneBox for newcomers to Canada.
You can save every month, without compromising on quality!

Why PhoneBox?

  • Prepaid month-to-month plans with no credit history required
  • Get your SIM card posted to any location in Canada or internationally (free)
  • Heavy data plans with unlimited Canada-wide texting and calling
  • Bring your own device OR buy or rent a device from PhoneBox
  • Unlimited international messaging

We offer an online HUMAN chat with over 5 different languages:

Did you know? Our customer care team is here to help 24 hours 7 days a week.

The plans

Moving2Canada and PhoneBox have teamed up to offer these incredible plans – you won’t find them anywhere else! Simply use the code ‘Moving2Canada’ when signing up to take advantage.

Now, when you sign up for a plan with Phonebox you’ll see options for Prepaid and Postpaid plans.
In these cases, Prepaid and Postpaid refer to data overage only. Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll always pay in advance for texting and calling – the only difference is with a Prepaid plan you won’t have to worry about overage charges, whereas with a Postpaid plan you can go over your data limit and pay the difference later.


Voice - $25

2G - $30

4G - $35

8G - $45

12G - $55

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Voice - $22

5G - $35

10G - $40

15G - $55

20G - $60

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Easy activation process

Our services are simple, easy to use, and reliable. Enjoy the simplicity.


Pick the plan that suits your needs.


Fill out your information.


Enjoy our services!

Wherever you are, we are here with you

  • PhoneBox brings you faster coverage across Canada
  • Our powerful 4G LTE network delivers data faster
  • Our service covers up to 97% of the population of Canada.

You might wonder why are we cheaper than the other guys?

It’s simple, we cut costs by focusing on digital.

These costs are reflected to help you guys save more!

Live your life truly wireless

Signing up for cellular service can be stressful with the commitments and overage fees other carriers have.

Don't worry PhoneBox provides service without activation or cancelation fees.

On top of that we offer prepaid plans which never activation or cancelation fees.

Order online and we express ship right to your door.

Everything can be done online in the comfort of home.

What are you waiting for, sign up now!

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